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What are Dermaplaning Facials?

Here at The Beauty Spot we charge £35 for our Dermaplaning Facials


Dermaplaning Facials are a deep exfoliating Facial which has an added bonus of removing all the Velus hair (Peach Fuzz) from the face. 

The Therapist will scrape gently over the face with a Medical Grade Scalpel using techniques that will not cut/graze the skin and cause minimal if not no discomfort. By doing this the Scalpel will remove all the dead skin cells that have built up.


Dead Skin Cell buildup can make the overall complexion look dull and it can also encourage breakouts which occur from blocked pores and blocked hair follicles. The overall complexion, feel and state of the skin is the main outcome of this treatment to create fresher, healthier looking skin. One more benefit which clients LOVE is the fact by removing the Vellus Hair (Peach Fuzz) from the face which can allow your makeup to stay on much better and have an overall better look, and can also remove more noticable darker facial hair .

With The Beauty Spot, unlike most salons we include a facial to really enhance the treatment and allow us to have a much better outcome. With our Dermaplaning Facial you will get :

  • We start off by cleansing the skin to remove any excess make-up and sebum build up.

  • We then tone the skin and apply a second cleanse to ensure the skin is squeaky clean for the treatment.

  • We then apply a painless peel, this unblocks all the pores, gets rid of Dead Skin which has settled on the top layer of skin. 

  • We apply a Balm to the face to allow the scalpel to easily glide over the facial skin which will create minimal discomfort.

  • Starting from underneath the chin, we then work our way up to the forehead to ensure we are removing all the vellus hair and dead skin from all over the face.

  • We then tone the skin once treatment has finished.

  • To finalise the treatment we end with our luxury Gold Collagen Mask to ensure maximum effect which will also deeply moisturise the skin.

Once we have finished the whole treatment, we will run through the aftercare and you will be sent home with :

  • Your Gold Collagen Mask to re apply at home

  • Sample tin of moisturiser to apply at home

  • Sample Tin of SPF to apply at home.

What are the Benefits?

  • Provides deeper product penetration 

  • Removes Vellus Hair which can trap oils, dirt and make-up

  • Promotes Smoother Skin

  • Can help reduce appearance of Acne Scarring (Works well in conjunction with Chemical Peel -Pure Peel) 

  • Works on all Skin Types

  • Instant results with no downtime

  • Little Maintenance. (Every 4-6 weeks.)

What should I know before getting the Facial?

Dermaplaning Facials are known to remove the Vellus Hair from the Face, one important fact we want to reassure you with is 


The hair we remove with this facial is called Vellus Hair, Vellus Hair is also known to most as peach fuzz. Vellus Hair is short, thin, slight-coloured and to some can be barely noticable. Vellus hair does not grow back thicker/more course once removed unlike terminal Hair.  Vellus Hair is completely different to Terminal Hair, This is because Terminal Hair is much thicker and darker in appearance and is mainly known to be Eyebrow Hair & Upper Lip Hair when on the Face.


Due to Terminal Hair being slightly thicker and follicles being much deeper then Vellus Hair it is recommended to have Terminal Hair Waxed or Threaded at least 1 week before having your Dermaplaning Facial. Terminal Hair needs to be removed from the root to ensure it is completely removed and due to being thicker then Vellus Hair, as Terminal Hair when shaved can feel course when growing back. We will not remove Terminal Hair with this facial.

It is important to avoid any facial products for at least 48 hours after having this treatment done.

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