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What are Individual Extensions?

Here at The Beauty Spot we charge £45 for full sets & £25 for infills

Individual Extensions are extensions slightly thicker to Volume Extensions but they are applied 1 extension to 1 natural lash, this creates a more natural appearance to Volume Extensions and gives a more Mascara Effect. These lashes are a great start to your journey into extensions. There are two different thicknesses We offer at The Beauty Spot 

Why should you choose Ellipse Lash extensions over any other lashes?

  • These extensions weigh half the weight of other extensions the same thickness as them.

  • Perfect for natural lashes in Any state as can add thickness and volume without any added pressure

  • Retains curl for longer

  • Curved base to attach to natural lashes and sit carefully on top for better longer lasting results.

  • Water proof after 6 hours

  • Various lengths and thicknesses available to create any look.

After 6 hours of having these done, These Lashes become Waterproof.

These extensions are my OWN brand of lashes, I’ve worked extremely hard to get these to be created to exactly how I want them, including a amazing glossy shine, and a dark black finish to create depth and volume.

People have the tendency to say that eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes, THEY DO NOT!
As long as they are applied correctly, looked after and removed correctly your lashes will be left in perfect condition!!
Your natural lashes fall out in a 6-8 week cycle; this is also when your extensions shall fall out.
This is why Infills are required every 2-3 weeks to maintain to then fill in the new natural lashes that have come through which are replacing the old ones!

What maintenance comes with Extensions?

The period your Extensions lasts depends on 3 things  :

  • Your Natural Lash Cycle

  • Your Aftercare

  • How they are applied

It is extremely important you follow all the aftercare given to you after the appointment, this will be given both verbally & written.

The way the extensions fall out if you look after them correctly is with your natural lash cycle.

Did you know, you loose between 1 -3 natural lashes DAILY.

By going by this fact, it is recommended to go between 2-3 weeks for your infills, Infills for Individuals are £25 You are expected to turn up to your infills with over HALF your extensions left. .

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