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What are Volume Extensions?

Here at The Beauty Spot we charge £55 for full sets & £30 for infills

Volume Extensions are Fans of numerous of very light and thin extensions, each fan is applied to 1 Natural Lash meaning that when 1 fan is applied to every natural lash it creates overlapping which causes the overall look to be fluffy and voluminous.

After 6 hours of having these done these lashes become Waterproof.


We have lots of options when choosing volume extensions. We offer 3D, 4D and 5D.
The 3, 4 & 5 stands for how many extensions are in the fan that is applied to 1 of your natural lashes.
It can be discussed whilst we do consultation at your appointment about what look will be good for you and complement your eye shape most whilst keeping the set safe and healthy for your natural lashes.

To give you a rough idea, 3D can create quite a natural look whilst 5D is a full look.

These fans overlap each other creating a lovely fluffy effect. Meaning when one fan falls out the overlapping neighbouring lashes will fill that gap. Looking fuller for longer then the 1:1 individual lashes.

Volume extensions are perfect for clients who have naturally sparse eyelashes and want a fuller look then mascara. The fans will cover up the gaps in your lash line, and where these extensions are so light they are no too heavy for your natural lashes.

Infills must be booked in advance. No guarantee on infill slots if they are not booked as I am extremely busy. I open my books 2 months in advance for bookings.

These extensions are my OWN brand of lashes, I’ve worked extremely hard to get these to be created to exactly how I want them, including a amazing glossy shine, and a dark black finish to create depth and volume.

People have the tendency to say that eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes, THEY DO NOT!
As long as they are applied correctly, looked after and removed correctly your lashes will be left in perfect condition!!
Your natural lashes fall out in a 6-8 week cycle; this is also when your extensions shall fall out.
This is why Infills are required every 2-3 weeks to maintain to then fill in the new natural lashes that have come through which are replacing the old ones!

What maintenance comes with Extensions?

The period your Extensions lasts depends on 3 things  :

  • Your Natural Lash Cycle

  • Your Aftercare

  • How they are applied

It is extremely important you follow all the aftercare given to you after the appointment, this will be given both verbally & written.

The way the extensions fall out if you look after them correctly is with your natural lash cycle.

Did you know, you loose between 1 -3 natural lashes DAILY.

By going by this fact, it is recommended to go between 2-3 weeks for your infills, Infills for Volumes are £30 You are expected to turn up to your infills with over HALF your extensions left. With Volume Extensions because the overlap each other it can sometimes cover up the gaps where a fan has fallen out meaning with Volumes most clients can go between 3-4 weeks for infills.

Difference between Volume Extensions & Individual?

So Here, I have put together this diagram to show how 1 individual extension actually weighs more then a 5D Volume Fan, this shows the weight when each separate volume extension applied weighs 0.07.
Weight and Ratio has so much to do with this but I won't bore you too much!!! 

I just think its good to know how Extensions work and explaining this to clients who are unsure what the difference is between the two extensions that I offer.

All my Volume Extensions weigh 0.07 per extension, then when applied in a fan and multiple extensions applied to one lash this diagram explains the weight of the volume fan compared to the weight of an individual extension.
My Ellipse Individual extensions that I offer come with a curved base to attach comfortably to your natural rounded lash, and they do weigh a bit lighter then the average individual extension material around. This diagram shows the weight of a volume fan compared to normal individual extensions. 

Individual Extensions are thicker in diameter and they carry more mass. Where as one volume lash extension is significantly thinner and lighter which allows you to have multiple extensions to one natural lash applied in a fan. This means that because the Extensions are fanned out, the weight is then distributed over the fan, allowing all the fans to overlap each other once applied to every natural lash causing the fluffy effect you get with Volume Extensions, and creating the look of more lashes.

For example: Below the table shows that you can have a 0.07 3D Volume Fan, which actually weighs a total of 0.12, which is actually 0.03 thinner then the weight of the thinnest Individual Extensions!

This doesn't mean that Individual Extensions are bad or unhealthy for natural lashes in any way, it just allows clients to have more volume and thickness if they wanted using volume fans without the added weight and causing premature shedding of the natural lashes.
Clients who find that their retention with individuals isn’t very good and they follow all correct after care can tend to have better retention with Volume Extensions as they carry less weight on the natural lashes. It also means that clients whose natural lashes are very weak can still have extensions if Individuals haven't had the best retention.
Please remember the extensions WILL ALWAYS fall out with your natural lash cycle if after care is followed correctly. Volume and Individuals both will fall out exactly the same, but due to volume fans overlapping each other gaps don’t appear as often as individuals as the fans overlap each other causing them to look fuller for longer!
Everyone prefers different styling and some prefer the look of individuals to volumes, and get on extremely well with retention and aftercare with Individuals. Volumes are quite new to the industry so it’s always good to compare! The lash industry is growing so much and we are always learning as technicians, I love keeping up to date with everything and ensuring my clients understand how extensions work! I find clients who have never had extensions before May prefer to start off with individuals as you can replicate the same look as mascara but longer and thicker, once you’ve gotten used to Individuals you can then move onto volumes! But it does completely depend on what style you are after as both these extensions final appearance are completely different! Have a look at my page to see all my photos. 

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