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What is Gel Polish?

Here at The Beauty Spot we charge £27 for Gel Polish on Natural Nails

We offer Gel Polish on The Natural Nails, the product is a polish that is applied over your Natural Nails with a top & Base Coat creating a hard wearing, no chipping, no peeling polish which lasts 2-3 weeks keeping its shine.
We have numerous Colours, Glitters and Nail Stamps to choose from.
The Gel Polish is cured under an LED Light meaning when you leave the salon... your Nails will be completely dry! 

Watch your Natural Nails grow healthy underneath the polish, we do not charge for removal of our own polish when your return to get a new colour applied. If you wish to just have a removal we charge £5.

We also apply FREE OF CHARGE a Product called Hard Gel, this is optional but we do highly recommend to add extra protection and strength whilst the polish is applied. This Hard Gel is perfect for natural nails which are prone to peeling and flaking. 

We've had numerous clients who have had used gel polish to have a break from acrylics and grow their Natural Nails out healthy and also a lot of success in Clients Nails who have never been able to grow out their natural nails due to Peeling and Flaking.

*This is not a manicure. We file and Shape your Natural Nails and Apply Polish.

What is Aftercare of Gel Polish?

There really is minimal Aftercare when having Gel Polish, We just ask clients to invest in a Cuticle Oil and to apply daily and also keep moistorising their hands.

It is extremely important to not use your nails as tools i.e opening cans with nails, or anything that can damage your nails.

Sometimes some people who are in the Medical Profession, Hairdressers, people who are heavy handed or people whose hands are constantly in  water or harsh chemicals aren't a good candidate for Gel Polish and find the Polish Lifts quite quickly.


It is important that when cleaning or using harsh chemicals to try and wear gloves to stop the weakening of the top coat and causing the Gel to Lift off prematurely.

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