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When purchases any of our courses you are agreeing to our terms and conditions which are listed here :

  • Lashic Lashes LTD are a registered Limited Company, all our information and courses are covered by copy right. Any information seen to be copied onto any form of social media, websites, manuals or training tools, Lashic Lashes have the right to take matters further.

  •  All of our courses are non refundable. If you have booked onto and in-house, 1-1 Training courses you are able to change the date of the courses as long as 72 hours have been given. The changed/amended date must be taken within 3 months of the original Training date booked. (Unless nothing is available)

  • All students must be at least 18 years or older to undertake any of our courses.

  • No beauty qualifications are needed to undertake any courses with Lashic Lashes but it is down to the student to contact their chosen insurance company to confirm that our courses are insurable for the student after qualifying.

  • All courses require 3 case studies, these case studies must be sent to our Team to examine and pass/qualify the students. Until the student receives their certificate, the student is not qualified or insured. If the case studies are not up to qualifying standard, the student will fail, the student can submit unlimited amount of case studies until they are at a correct standard to be qualified.

  • When purchasing an online course you have 1 years access to all online content, including the access to submitting and qualifying. All case studies and qualifying must be completed before the 1 year expiry. You cannot qualify after this expiry date.

  • All purchases of our products from our online shop have a 14 day return/dispute guarantee. After 14 days from purchase Lashic Lashes cannot get into dispute over products received.

  • In order to return any products for full refund within the 14 day purchase period, the products must be unused and unopened. 

  • Lashic Lashes do not accept any liability for any damage caused by our products to items or personal injury. 

  • By purchasing any of our products you have declared to Lashic Lashes that you are fully qualified and knowledgeable on how to use the products purchased.

  • Any orders that have been purchased cannot be amended or cancelled.

  • If you purchase a course on finance with PayPal, any disputes or queries about financial properties for the course must be dealt with PayPal.

  • Any products purchases from our store that require patch tests must get signed consent from the clients before patch test is applied. Lashic Lashes takes no responsibility or liability for any reactions that occur or personal injury.

  • Lashic Lashes have the right to cancel orders at any time.

  • Lashic Lashes cannot take liability for any products that are lost/ damaged in delivery.

  • You can never use more then one discount code on top of discounted purchases.

The Lashic Lashes Team x

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