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Private 1-1 Individual Eyelash Extension Course


Anytime, Anywhere

Look no further, My unique 1-1 private course will contain 1  day of training plus we are partnered with Lashic Lashes which also allows you to gain access to their ONLINE COURSE for FREE for a year along with a FREE years access to Lashic Lash Portal which allows you access to 30+ more videos, help, tips and advice and a years FREE access to their Business Bundle

You gain instant access to the Online Course, The Lashic Lash Portal and The Business Bundle  - this totals £315 when purchased individually without the course.

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We can guarantee that you wont find another Individual Course as in depth as this one which also includes a HUGE Kit containing 15 products including our ultimate 64 page Lashic Lashes training manual.

You wont find a more in depth and precise course as the one I offer you here at The Beauty Spot.

On our Training Day I provide you with EVERYTHING you need to kick start your career in becoming a Fully Qualified, talented and knowledgeable Eyelash Tech with continuous support to help you through your growing business after you've left your training day. 


With our 1-1 private training, we can prioritize the time we have to tailor to you and you learning needs whilst giving you our full attention and adapt the course if needed to focus on areas in which you require more attention too.​


With almost 10 years in the beauty industry I am ready to pass on my knowledge and expertise down to you, I am still working actively as an Eyelash Technician within the industry as well as teaching, ensuring you we are continually up to date with the industry and new techniques.

Whats included in Lashic Lashes Individual Eyelash Course?

1 Full training day with an optional addition model day

1 years FREE access to our ONLINE COURSE

1 years FREE access to LASHIC LASH PORTAL

1 years FREE access to the Business Bundle

1-1 Full day training

64 Page manual

15 Product kit included

64 Page training manual

Advanced mannequin head

1x 20 row tray, 0.15 mixed length lashes

1x 20 row tray, 0.20 mixed length lashes

1x Glue Bottle

1x X Tweezer

1x Fine point tweezer

Jade Stone

1x Remover Gel

5x Eye pads

1x Micropore Tape

25pcs Mascara Wands

1x Air Puffer

1x Lash storage tray​​

Our training kits will be supplied by either Lashic Lashes Products or alternative lash brands which we recommend.​

Who can take my courses and what qualifications are required?

Here at Lashic Lashes we accept anyone onto our courses aged 16+ as long as you have a passion and desire to learn new things.


You do not need to have a Beauty Background or qualifications to access onto our courses as we go through so much theory on our courses, we will cover every bit of anatomy needed to be known when applying Eyelash Extensions.

We will ensure that you leave our course with your brain bursting full of new information. 


You will gain access to all the information learnt on the day through our Online Lash Course and also within our 64 page manual that you take home with you.

What will I learn on the 1-1 private training course?

· Anatomy of the Eyes

· Eyelash Cycles and Shedding

· Contra Indications and Contra Actions

· Patch Testing

· All about different Lash Lengths and Thicknesses

· How to safely apply a Full Set of extensions

· How to Infill Extensions 

· Removal of Extensions

· How to correctly use, store and dip glue.

· Mapping Methods

· Trouble shooting

·  Aftercare

We are Fully Accredited by ABT Insurance

This means that we have been approved and certified to teach Individual Eyelash Extensions and that our courses pass the criteria needed to train our students in a high quality, informative way.

Without Accreditation it would mean our students will not be able to gain insurance. 

We are then able to ensure our students can leave our course ready to get insured and start practicing on clients.

It is down to our students to check insurance thoroughly and ensure they can get insured  before taking our courses.


Our training courses are Accredited by ABT - You can check on their website via the 'Find Members' page and searching 'LASHIC LASHES' this is who we trade under for Training and who your certificate will be issued under.​  

You will also receive 10% discount for ABT Insurance.

lash training kit

Why should I choose Lashic Lashes to Train Me?

With Eyelash Extensions becoming one of the most popular Beauty Treatments worldwide we understand it can be mind baffling on how to find the perfect course for you, Here at Lashic Lashes,  We have spent years working on our courses, kits and products, with researching and perfecting them to guarantee our students leave full of knowledge and have all their questions answered before they leave our Courses. 

We can guarantee that you wont find another Individual Course as in depth as this one which also includes a HUGE Kit containing 15 of  products including our ultimate 64 page Lashic Lashes training manual.

You wont find a more in depth and precise course as the one we offer you here at Lashic Lashes.

£100 Non-refundable Booking Fee required to secure your training day, this is paid via bank transfer. The remaining £150 needs to be paid either BEFORE or on the Training day and can be paid via bank transfer, cash or by card machine.

Are you already in the Beauty Industry?

Thank you for enquiring, we will be in touch shortly. Usually via Text/Whatsapp

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